Response to COVID 19

Hello all,

As our community moves to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus), I am making efforts to temporarily facilitate teletherapy (videoconferencing) services in place of an in-person session to all interested and pre-established clients.  I am not currently offering teletherapy services to new clients.

If you are ill with COVID-19, or believe you may be due to symptoms such as fever/coughing/shortness of breath, you have my support in cancelling your appointment without a late cancellation fee or in scheduling a teletherapy session.  

Please note that providing teletherapy services involves consideration of new factors (e.g., internet connection, insurance coverage, appropriate "fit" for the client depending variables such as age) and that I am willing to work with you on arranging the most appropriate services possible.  Please be patient as I work to navigate provision of this new service.

If you do wish to participate in teletherapy services, please note that an additional informed consent is required.  Please review and sign the following Informed Consent for Telepsychological Services form.

Our office will continue and expand safe practices such as frequently sanitizing surfaces and reducing unnecessary contact between you and our staff.  We ask that you join us in promoting good health with practices such as frequent handwashing and social distancing, as recommended by current state mandates.

Helpful Forms

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